S2 Staff v. Students Rugby Tournament

S2 Staff v. Students Rugby Tournament
Posted on 12/23/2016
Rugby Hi-5s Alyna

Play Rugby is one of S2’s enrichment classes, and it’s been a popular one. “Rugby is one of my favorite classes,” says Jedi, a sixth-grade scholar-athlete. “It’s challenging… It’s every Monday and it gives me energy for the rest of the week.”

On the last Friday before winter break, the gym is abuzz with excited chatter: “we’re going to win! We’ll beat you old teachers!” S2 students exclaim over the steady beat of the STEP team members, who are preparing for their end-of-trimester performance.

It’s the staff v. students rugby game we’ve been looking forward to for weeks. Students have conferenced with their parents and teachers. Many have a newfound confidence in science, and they are making predictions.

“We’re gonna win, you’re gonna lose,” Steven predicts. The teacher agrees with his prediction. Then the coach makes a signal. A hush falls and the game begins.

In round one, Mr. Green fakes out his opponent, makes a point for the teachers and dabs, earning cheers from everyone. In round two, the teachers can’t fake out or catch Oscar, even when they throw the ball forward - a no-no in rugby, the students later explain, but they let it go at the time. One teacher wipes out and smiles as Oscar helps her up.

Even in a serious competition, S2 is seriously all about community. Student-athletes hi-five the teammates that score and the ones that don’t. The crowd frequently goes wild — after all, when both sides are S2, everybody’s winning.

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